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Hi my name is Karen Mumford and I have been reborning for over four years now. I am proud of my work and feel confident enough now to show off some of my lovely little reborns, on my own web site.

I am 50 years old and am married to Mick and together we run a joinery restoration business in South Derbyshire, here in the UK. Between us we have six children and two grandchildren.

I love everything about the reborning process and have sold many babies with excellent feedback. I take great pride in my work and get tremendous satisfaction in creating these lovely little ooak treasures. Many of the e-mails I receive are really heart warming and extremely complimentary, which gives me extra confidence to try another.

My ebay name is joekaren9 - on which you can check my feedback, but I now prefer to sell direct from the stalls I have three times a year - at the Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham, or from the Sutton Coldfield shows twice a year. I will also sell direct from my web site and do custom orders, but very rarely use ebay due to non paying bidders.

I also have a wonderfull four page spread in issue 22 of the discover Dolls Magazine

The babies featured on this site have all sold, except for the babies on the 'available' page.

All my babies are painted using genesis heat set paints, of which I do about 8/10 very thin translucent layers on each baby. Each reborn is totally individual in colour. On each baby I do very fine veining, mottling and undertones. With blushing and tinting to try and acheive a lovely natural, realistic new born skin effect. Each hair is micro-rooted in, individually, to create as natural looking baby hair as possible. My hair, is the finest and softest I can get, usually imported from the USA, and each baby has a custom made cloth body. I also use the German glass eyes which are so very incredibly realisitc.

***Hope you enjoy the photos***

The Reborning Process

The reborning process is quite intensive and a lot of hours are put into creating these little babies.

I spend several days painting the sculpts using genesis paints, building the layers up gradually and only working in natural daylight. Creating natural undertones and subtle veining.

The hair is micro-rooted individually with a very fine needle and I have now discovered first clip angora hair which I have imported from Australia,  the softest ever from pitter-patter nursery in the US. and really lovely silky hair from Tinkerbell's. I like to use the best hair available for an incredibly soft and completely natural look, depending on the age and look of the doll. The individual micro-rooting of the hair takes many painstaking hours and I think this is one of the most important tasks is creating a beautiful reborn baby.

I always use good quality new products in weighting my babies and take time to weight them properly for that natural cuddly feel which is so important in the art of reborning. I now, generally have my bodies imported from the US which are of a very high standard, and are all custom made to fit.

I get great pleasure from dressing my babies up and use brand new well fitting clothes, all chosen especially for the baby who has just been reborn.

Please enjoy looking at my photos, which have all been taken in natural daylight and are not enhanced in any way.




many of my kits and reborning supplies come from Jayne at Tinkerbell Creations,773.0.html


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